Monitoring Dashboards

The objective of the tool is to a) provide contractors with an easy to use daily reporting method, and b) critical information to assist government in compliance monitoring; the prevalence and spread of the virus; and to activate intervention measures where necessary. This information is access-restricted and only granted to relevant decision-making institutions and government.

A stringent registration application is required prior to providing access to ascertain the validity and purpose of access.

National and Provincial Dashboards

Information provided
  • Total no. of projects nationwide
  • Total no. of projects per province
  • Project Locations
  • Total count of public vs private projects
  • Total count of projects by Client
  • Total count of projects by nature of work
  • Total no. of individuals on site to date and per day
  • Total screening on site to date and per day
  • Total suspected positive cases
  • Total confirmed positive cases (operational vs not yet operational)
  • Total economic value of all registered projects
Information not provided
  • Contract value of a specific projects (this information is only required in the project registration phase to determine the total collective economic impact on the construction sector in operation, and is considered confidential unless explicit consent is given in writing by the contractor to divulge the value, should any institution or authority request the value of a specific project)
  • Membership, affiliation or registration with an industry body / bodies

Who can apply?

The monitoring dashboard provides critical information to assist government in the monitoring of compliance under Level 4 and subsequent COVID-19 lockdown levels, track the prevalence or spread of COVID-19 in certain areas of the country, and determine which types of projects are at a greater risk than others. This enables authorities to activate the necessary advice and / or intervention measures, where necessary. Relevant stakeholders, such as the Dept. of Employment & Labour, the DTIC, Department of Infrastructure & Public Works, the PPGI, and the NICD, can access the dashboard to monitor the construction sector’s response and ability to operate during COVID-19 levels.

Requesting access the monitoring dashboard does not automatically grant access, but is reviewed for approval to determine the legitimacy of the user requesting access. All users applying for access must complete this request form, as access is based on individual user profiles, and not at a blanketed institutional level.